11:11 thoughts

The other day you just flashed into my mind
And how can I forget
Your brown eyes and matching hair
Borne into mine
As we lie on the beach together hand in hand?

The wind blew softly against our faces
Breathing life into old hearts
With the salty air hanging lifeless above us

We were infinite

Until you gave into temptation
Juggling me and you
With a dangerous rendezvous with alcohol

Night after night
Your kisses were laced with vodka and coke
Two shots, the way you liked it
Two shots, the way you always drank it
And you would make sure that you always got those
Two shots
Before you would even think of looking my way

Was it because I wasn’t a size zero
Perfectly bronzed
Or glasses free
That you rejected me
For a host of other girls
Girls that were clearly prettier than I was

Every night I would pretend like you still loved me
That you valued me over every single girl that you hooked up with
And that gradually
You will see that your one night stands
Meant nothing
But I was naive
And you were just too impatient
You left me high and dry
With no goodbyes

But I suppose it’s for the best
I don’t consider myself to be a world expert in love
I feel like I am failing myself now
But to be out of the so called love we once had
I am eternally grateful.

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